About me

Hi! Welcome to my page!Marc Fuertes Alpiste

My name is Marc Fuertes-Alpiste  and I was born in Barcelona (Catalonia) in 1978. I am passionate about education. I study how to enhance teaching and learning by understanding and using different methodologies (digital storytelling, webquests,…) and digital tools. This interest I have for tools maybe has something to do with my family owning a small hardware store.

I got my Bachelor in Education Sciences in 2000 and my PhD in 2011 (Educational Multimedia program) in the Faculty of Education at Universitat de Barcelona. Here I teach subjects devoted to Education and ICT since 2009.

In this site you will find the link to my blog On Education (it is written in Catalan, Spanish and English) where I want to share reflections about topics that are interesting to me. You will also find my academic records and curriculum.